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Starting takes place somewhere; here it is for me.

In forty-seven years, some common themes emerge out of the choices I have made and the life I have lived.

Foremost among these are (today):

  •  the search for a ‘meaning’ in life.
  •  the search for ‘something to believe in’.
  •  the search for love and the possibility of love.
  •  an endless fascination with the world, people in the world, ideas and things.
  •  a need/hunger/desire to be other than I am – to transcend everyday experience and understanding.
  •  a passion for the new-found, (but not necessarily the fashionable).
  •  a fondness for words, the uses of words, the poetry, magic and mystery of words.
  •  reflection – sometimes useful, often just procrastination – on all these matters.
  •  bad faith – in so many ways.

As time reaches into the immanent, present now, what seems clear is that the searching, the conclusions, the mistakes and hopes, have value, in and of themselves. That for  you (others), there may be interest, the chance for self-definition, the opportunity to pursue your own search. And also has come a recognition; that our being(s) need each other, for definition, if not for more.

 So, this ‘journey’ begins, this step into the new. It is a sincere effort to make a good intent out of the good-beyond-being. It is an attempt to make manifest the good-beyond-being. But language can be a problem as well as a means. Trained in Philosophy, at times my words are – too obtuse. I find the language of academia and philosophical theory stifling at times, though it is sometimes also necessary. So here is a promise to you: I will try to say things simply, clearly. Most of the time. Sometimes there will be musings, ramblings, diversions. these are part of my being. For your being, I will try to keep it simple.

The aim of this blog is to create in time a dialogue. It works best when you engage, ask questions, offer your thoughts and ideas. I will respond. If your post is evidently an act of bad faith on your part, I will try to accept it, but sometimes it will not appear. While time passes and in no real expectation of response, my thoughts on the above will appear. Links will appear, as time allows, to places of interest to us.

Later, the first invitation to dialogue will appear: an introduction to the idea of the meaning of life.

Here, in all sincerity, will always be an attempt to love you.

Be welcome.


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