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If you come here asking ‘what is the meaning of life?’, then you have started. I then ask you, what do you mean? What is it that you want to understand?

The question of the meaning of life has many forms. One of these may be what you mean to be asking:

  • Why do I exist?
  • Why does anything exist?
  • Does anything really exist?
  • Does (my) life have a purpose?
  • What should I be doing with my life?
  • Why am I dissatisfied with my life?
  • If I cannot believe in a ‘god’, what is there to guide me through life?
  • Is it possible to be good and happy?
  • What meaning does existence have?
  • Isn’t all existence random and absurd, anyway?

These are only some of the questions which often are starting points. One of them may be your question; if not, then tell me: what is your question?

One of the aims of this blog is to create a dialogue, rather than an instruction manual. As and when one of you comes to see, then please, speak; say what you want. As for each the question is your own, so by need the answer must be to and for each one, and only one. Watching and listening is not bad, but to understand who you are, what you are, and what can make you a good and happy person, then your talking, your ‘saying’, will be needed.

An important point should be made now: This blog is absolutely NOT promoting any religion, faith or creed. You may already have a belief, you may be a pure atheist; this does not matter, as the meaning of your existence does not depend on either way of being. But you will not be given religious instruction. If this is what you seek, go somewhere else.

So; here is a place where a listener awaits: speak, friend, and know that you are loved.


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