Every month, the UK Climate Impacts Programme (UKCIP) publishes a summary of major scientific papers related to climate change and climate impacts. Though the organisation is based in the UK, much of the material is international in scope.

Here is the current edition (March). As well as providing a useful summary of some important work, the digest often draws attention to papers which may well have been missed by people outside the subscription profile of various scientific journals. It also provides access to findings which might otherwise be difficult to access or require paid subscription to read. Often, use of Google scholar will allow access to papers through the web pages of authors, but this is not always the case and requires some effort on the part of interested readers.

Though the Climate digest is the main reason why I have included the UKCIP on the blogroll, the site also includes some excellent material on many aspects of the UK’s climate. It also contains a portal to a ‘scenarios gateway’, which makes use of GCM output and the work of centres such as Hadley and the CRU to provide information to businesses and individuals about the current projections relating to regional climates. The site is worth the expenditure of a few hours effort to explore its full potential.