Is your blog infested by Idsomaniacs? Are Milloytants leaving their ‘mess’ everywhere you look? Are those little ‘bugs’ Sceptimus Irritans just too much to deal with?

Well; now your troubles are over.

With this all-new, completely free and gratis special magical ‘bug-off’ talisman, the traditional image of the potato print, which for time immemorial* has been known as an implausibly effective panacea for all known ills**, you can deal with those pesky pests once and for all.

Potato Print

Instructions for use: at the first sign of any of these common bloghold pests, respond immediately with a post containing nothing more than the Potato print image. The message is simple: You are smudging your potato print. Go back in the corner and stop spoiling the other kids’ work. try to learn how to make your own pictures, instead of copying other people’s ideas because you have no imagination.

And remember, this gift is absolutely free. [If I have been clever, you should be able to right-click, copy and paste to your heart’s desire…]

*since last Monday.

**The magic Potato print offer implies no guarantee whatsoever of any kind of any effect whatsoever; so don’t bother trying to sue.