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Or; A Scientific-Public Dictionary (abridged version)

For the use of scientists, when they wish to calculate how their work is being interpreted in ‘Public‘ , the native language of all who are not scientists.*

*Specific dialects of Public are not handled separately here, though in some of these, the meaning of a word or phrase can vary substantially, to the extent of meaning the opposite to its meaning in ‘Standard Public‘ . A paper is being prepared for those who wish to delve into the waters of the Journalese dialect (more properly, a Pidgin).

The left-hand column contains the word as used in scientific discourse or academic papers; the right-hand column contains the translation in Public.

Section 3: Climate

adaptation = inconvenience.

anthropogenic = someone else, other people.

(the) climate = the weather.

climate change = bad weather, alt. hurricanes.

climate science = science fiction.

consensus = conspiracy.

cryosphere = iceberg, alt. Polar bear.

data = random number, adapted to suit theory.

Day after tomorrow, The = climate science.

emission(s) = vehicle exhaust.

Global Warming = desert, burning forest. Alt: good weather.

hypothesis = wild guess.

implication = speculation, guess.

mitigation = taxation.

probability = guess.

rapid = immediate, tomorrow.

risk = (imminent) disaster.

95th percentile = guess with odds offered.

scientific method = guesswork by bespectacled people in white coats.

sea level rise = tsunami, alt. see ‘Day after Tomorrow, The’ .

THC slowdown = see ‘Day After Tomorrow, The’.

theory = guess.

very likely = reasonable guess.

Guest contributors are welcomed to provide or offer additions to the dictionary.

Be loved.


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