It’s been around for a few weeks, now, but worth bringing up because it says, in more formal and detailed terms, what is wrong with the UK’s erstwhile ‘climate policy’: this is the Tyndall Centre’s response to the Government paper on energy policy and climate change.

For example:

“…The Government has repeatedly committed to making its fair contribution to not
exceeding the 2°C temperature threshold separating acceptable and dangerous climate
change. This cannot be reconciled with the wholly inadequate measures contained
within the EWP. There remains a gaping chasm between the well-meaning rhetoric
underpinning the Government’s Climate Change Programme, Draft Climate Change Bill
and Energy White Paper and their continued refusal to sanction meaningful and
effective action
to urgently reduce our escalating carbon emissions…”


“…To conclude, the climate-change premise of the Energy White Paper, Draft Climate
Change Bill and Climate Change Programme is admirable. By contrast, the content of
these three pillars of UK climate policy are not commensurate with the Government’s 2°C
commitment nor its claim to be providing “international leadership” through “the
credibility and influence” of its “domestic policies”. Given the Government’s
acknowledgement of the seriousness of the climate change threat, the EWP only serves
to reinforce the shameful political expediency of current UK climate policy…”

[my highlights]

These aren’t just the ramblings of a blogger, or even a well-informed individual scientists. They are the considered (initial) response of a major international centre of climate change, energy and policy research, with a proportion of funding coming direct from government.

In the light of such a recognition of how useless responses have been so far, what comes next is a clear guide to a decarbonisation pathway for UK (and, by extension, global) energy policy.

Be loved.