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There is so much worth reading elsewhere that the old man is going to take a back seat today, and concentrate on the excellent work of others.

 Inel has a great new entry on her blog;

 which deals with a subject close to my heart; prediction and modelling. I’m going to try and look at the Stainforth et. al. paper, if I can find it, as it’s a personal interest, and may comment later.

 Only in it for the Gold has three new entries, the one most interesting to me was:


Where there is an interesting link to a discussion of denialism. Apparently, Michael got this via Atmoz, a site which is new to the old man, but looks worthy of regular perusal.

 The discussion of the Trenberth & Dal paper is also worth looking at.

 Local band (actually, they live next door…) TSDOLE  are garnering some very flattering online reviews of their mini-album/ep, and one or two mainstream pick-ups, such as the Guardian, which isn’t exactly enthusiastic, but does suggest that they think the band has a future. I downloaded the album a couple of weeks ago and find myself listening to it every few days, whilst I write; it gets to you. For the ultimate experience, it really is worth going to see them live. On their website is a new list of gigs in September, as well as a couple more in August, and a mini-tour of France in October. Busy boys. I still think they’ll get big soon.

Finally, following on from my previous almost obsessive reporting of the sea ice situation, both Cryosphere Today  and the NSIDC report that the record minimum summer sea ice level has now been surpassed, with more melt to be expected. There’s a good summary on the NSIDC press room page. Also worthy of note is that CT has now had to extend the depth of its anomaly record (‘the tale of the tape’) to allow for the fact that this year’s anomaly has now exceeded 2 million km2.

 Expect a new post soon on discussing CC with a sceptic.

 The old lady (sic) says that ending posts with ‘be loved’ is pretentious, so today it’s a farewell with;

 Be good. J


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