The North-East Passage will be open for business. (I sometimes have trouble linking to that site; I hope it works for you…)

EDIT: From the comments, llewelly usefully points out that each of these is a single image, so:

That site only keeps each image of the sea ice for about a day. On the 10th (more or less – I’m not sure of the time of day the change takes place) your readers will need to look at . On the 11th they will need to look at .

Thanks for pointing this out.

Edit again: following on from the previous comment about the circumnavigation, here‘s just the boat for the job.

Edit again: If you want to look at satellite images, they are all available on the DTU Interactive Java page on the IWICOS site. To see the images, you need to open the Java applet, then go back one day (-d at the bottom of the page). Then the top dropdown menu will give you a list of all the images available. You may need to use the menu on the left to zoom out, to get a better picture. Once you have your bearings, you can shift and zoom to your heart’s content.

The best images of the Laptev Sea are low down on the dropdown list; the MERIS.Laptev D22 (zoom out) is great, but the critical place is covered with cloud atm, by the look of it, and the ASAP.Laptev 3D 1km is also a good image.

The menus are not intuitive at first, but with a bit of effort you can find what you want; but remember to go back one day first – it makes the rest relatively easy.