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Via email, I discover that EcoEquity, an excellent organisation with some heavy-hitting climate change ethics powering its output, has produced the latest version of its ‘Global Development Rights’ framework.

Called ‘The right to development in a climate constrained world‘, the document sets out to provide a foundation for policy-making decisions which is both ethical and pragmatic. This is what they say about it:

GDRs is a “Climate protection framework designed to support an emergency climate stabilization program while, at the same time, preserving the right of all people to reach a dignified level of sustainable human development free of the privations of poverty.

More specifically, the GDRs framework quantifies national responsibility and capacity with the goal of providing a coherent, principle-based way to think about national obligations to pay for both mitigation and adaptation.

If you don’t know the team’s work, I recommend you link to the sidebar pages for background. Looking at the programme for the Clinton Global Initiative, one wonders whether Baer & Athanasiou have had some input into that organisation, too.

Their ‘bottom line’ is fairly straightforward; climate change requires mitigation, and both the responsibility and the capacity to deal with lies with us, the developed nations. In other words, if we don’t start paying the bills, we face almost certain large-scale human tragedy.


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