…is important. We shouldn’t get carried away by media scare stories and politically motivated exaggerations. It’s important that at least some people resist the temptation to get swept away on a tide of near-hysteria about the World’s ever-changing climate. So here is a short summary of some things which have happened so far this year, to help us see things in their proper perspective:

  • 3 million people in India were displaced or evacuated this year because of excessive flooding.
  • more than 1 million were affected by severe flooding in North Korea.
  • North Korea faces a shortfall of food supplies for 2008 which amount to about 20% of the country’s needs.
  • 18 countries in Africa were hit by flooding, over a million people effected.
  • 150,000 people in Uganda alone still have had no relief supplies; their needs are being serviced by two helicopters and one boat.
  • 48% of the contiguous USA is currently experiencing drought conditions; in the South east of the country, 78% of the area is affected.
  • World wheat stocks are expected to be at their lowest level in thirty years this December, with only 53 days supply in store. Prices hit a record high earlier this year and will probably rise again. Production on Australia, the EU and Asia were affected by adverse weather this year.
  • Arctic sea ice levels fell to a level at least 23% below the previous lowest in recent times.
  • Rainforest loss continues at the same pace as it has for years, with no sign of a slowdown.
  • global emissions of CO2 are still rising at a rate of between 1-2% per year.
  • thousands of people in China, Korea, Bangladesh and other countries have lost their lives or their livings due to extreme weather conditions.
  • crude oil prices touched $90 a barrel for a short time.
  • in the past year, the whole of the Arctic showed a warming trend in air temperatures; this is also a first.

On the other hand:

  • the Colorado Rockies are in the World Series.
  • England and South Africa will face off on Saturday night to decide which is the best Rugby team in the World .
  • Uma Thurman has boobs.
  • ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ allegedly isn’t a science lecture.
  • it isn’t raining here.

Everything is about perspective…