Roger Pielke Sr has written up our experience of trying to get a poll published.

Thus should have been my job but, 1; Roger has a much larger audience than I, and b; he is the senior member of the team, even if I was the researcher, and c; I suddenly got busy and left him and James hanging on a limb. For this, I owe them my sincere and public apologies; I hate failing to keep a promise.

As Roger’s comments link is closed, if anyone wishes to comment on the article, or on our experience of the publications concerned, please feel free. Just don’t expect me to publish them if you are a total wingnut, or abusive.

If you are a scientist involved in a climate-related discipline, or a meteorologist, you may also wish to express your own opinion, as I only sent out 1807 original enquiries, and you may not have been on the list.

If you are just another ordinary Joe (like most of us are), and have an opinion, feel free…

I won’t comment on any of this yet; let’s see what comes in and I’ll try to respond to that.

Be free.